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Tree View Control

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Bambookit GUI Tree Features

    Tree Styles
  • Gradients for backgrounds
  • Background/Foreground colors
  • Border colors
  • Item Select Background/Foreground colors
  • Highlight colors
  • Multiple Image setable
  • Image Rollover
  • 13 Widget Border types
  • Transparency
  • Fonts
  • Text Alignment
  • Text Formatting

  • Frame support
  • The ability to embed any Bambookit control into the leaf of a tree
  • Drag-and-Drop, including node target
  • Scrolls
  • Dynamically scripted from PHP, JSP, ASP, CGI, PERL, ColdFusion to XML.
  • Dynamically loaded tree
    Tree Attributes
  • Size settings
  • Labels
  • Enabled/Disabled
  • Visible/Invisible
  • Rollover
  • Set Sticky - maintain selected state
  • Set Select
  • Request Focus
  • Focus Traversable
  • Set Name
  • Set Group

  • action
  • mouse pressed/released
  • key pressed/released
  • on load/unload
  • focus gained/lost

  • URL calls
  • Mail to
  • load XML file
  • Multiple actions per button

Tree is used for hierarchical display of data and permits you to create effective user interfaces while easing development and maintenance time. You can effectively add any widget to the Tree. The scrollbars appear automatically as needed.

Tree is another example of prebuilt Widgets. Tree consists of the following widgets:View, Scrollbar, Listbox, and Item. Itemes are nested to create many tree nodes.

Bambookit's Tree flexibility rivals the best of the breed in its adaptability and speed. It is a natural metaphor for navigation and information access but what really sets it apart is the ability to embed any bambookit widget into the leaf of a tree. Akin to some of Microsoft's more powerful tree installer controls you would be able to place checkboxes and radio controls in its node elements, however this control is much more powerful than simply embedding one single class of controls. You have ability to add containers as well as controls; this would include embedding tabs, trees and panels.


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