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Bambookit GUI Splitter Features
    Spliter Styles
  • Gradients for backgrounds
  • Background/Foreground colors
  • Border colors
  • Select Background/Foreground colors
  • Highlight colors
  • 13 Widget Border types
  • Transparency

    Spliter Attributes
  • Size settings
  • Enabled/Disabled
  • Visible/Invisible
  • Set Select

The Splitter widget allows you to divide the view into two resizable sections. The Splitter bar can either be aligned horizontally or vertically. A Splitter widget may be embedded within another Splitter. The Splitter control extends from a 'Widget', thus inheriting all of the Widget's properties.

In addition to the base Widget properties and methods the Splitter control has the following properites defined: SetVertical is used to set the alignment of the splitter. If 'true' then the bar is vertical, panel 1 is placed on the left and panel 2 is placed on the right. If 'false' then the bar is horizontal and panel 1 is placed on top and panel 2 is placed on the bottom. The Thumb Border requires a Widget border name. This property is used to set the border of the draggable thumb (the bar that splits the two views). The Thumb Width allows setting the width of the bar that separates the two views.


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