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Signup Application Sample

Here is the sample application that demonstrats the client side calculations or how the formulas can be applied in the Bambookit GUI Development.

The Signup application will let you first to search for the domain name with the progress bar provided to display the status of your domain name search.

You may skip the domain search and go directly to the Radio Buttons Group selection. Note that the basic value of $145 dollars is set by default at the Checkout section of the application at the bottom. Based on your choice for the Radio buttons selection, this default value will change to $120 dollars or remain the same.

The next step is to Customize your basic plan by selecting different values for 'Bandwidth' and 'Disc Space' from the combo boxes provided in the Customize section. Based on your selection the value in Checkout Section will be recalculated.

Once you are satisfy with your Checkout value, the next step would be to select payment method that is available through the two buttons: 'Check' or 'PayPal'. Once the payment method selected and the needed data is provided, the confirmation e-mail is sent.

To cut back on the server round trips Bambookit GUI provides the ability of set a Formula at any widget level. It is achieved through the 'setFormula' attribute described in the Tutorial.

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