Software Widget Reference

(reference guide is based on Bambookit GUI 2.0 build 372)


Drag and Drop
Data Transfer
Shape, Size and Location

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Reference Guide

Widget Drag and Drop

setDrag[boolean] flagsetDrag="false"
setDropTarget[String] valuesetDropTarget="0"

Widget Properties

setOpaque[boolean] flagsetOpaque="true"Sets the background of the widget, if opaque than it is solid, if not opaque than it is see-through
setHighlight[boolean] flagsetHighlight="false"Highlights the widget whenever the mouse 'enters' the widget, the background is repainted with the highlight color if highlight is set to true
setRollover[boolean] flagsetRollover="false"If rollover is true, the border would be hidden until the mouse 'enters' the widget, thus displaying the border
setVisible[boolean] flagsetVisible="true"If the widget is invisible, it is no longer in the event queue as well as not bieng visible on the panel
setEnabled[boolean] flagsetEnabled="true"If the widget is enabled than it is part of the event and focus queues, allowing the use to interact with the control
setFocusTraversable[boolean] flagsetFocusTraversable="false"If you wish the widget to be in the focus queue (tab, shift tab) then you would set focustraversable to true, all focustraversable widgets are 'shrunk' by a one pixel wide border which is used to highlight the widget whenever it gains focus

Widget Data Transfer

addActionTarget[String] target,
[String] action,
[String] method,
addActionTarget="this,mouseenter,setBackground='blue'"Used to execute methods on specific events, the target is the widget that will have the method executed on. The event is listened in on the current widget that it is defined in
setName[String] namesetName="widget01"Used to identify widgets, primarily used in conjunction with addActionTarget and setData attributes
loadGui[String] xmlfile,
[boolean] update
loadGui="panel01,false"Used with addActionTarget, 'method', loads another panel into the specified target widget. If update is set than it matches widget name to widget name and ONLY modifies the attributes
loadUrl[String] htmlpageloadUrl="page01.html"Used with addActionTarget, 'method', loads another web page, if the setTarget is set then the appropriate frame is then loaded
setTarget[String] frametargetsetTarget="_top"Used in conjunction with the loadUrl method, defines the URL frame target in which to load the web page
setCache[boolean] flagsetCache="true"Used in conjunction with the loadGui. The specified target that will be accepting the new panel to load can either cache this panel (load only once) or ignore the cache and always request the file from the server when ever it is requested. When dynamically generating the web pages setCache is set to false
setData[String] widgetname,..setData="widget01,widget02"Used whenever loadGui (or loadUrl) is called. Contains a list of widget names with which to load the 'labels' or 'values' to be passed as parameters in the URL request
setDataGetSelected[boolean] flagsetDataGetSelected="false"Used when you ONLY wish to pass the 'selected' values. Given a series of checkboxes (already named in setData), only those that are selected are passed along as parameters in the URL request,
setPoll[int] seconds,
[String] xmlfile
setPoll="10,getQuotes.php"Used to update a certain view at regular intervals, similar to loadGui with the update value set to true, except it is called every 'x' seconds
setPost[boolean] flagsetPost="false"The default URL requests are submitted using GET, there is a limit of about 512 bytes, if submitting forms, you would need to setPost to true, to pass the data along as a POST.

Widget Label

setLabel[String] labelsetLabel="hello"The label of the widget
clearLabel(none)clearLabel=""Used to clear the label, this is necessary since one is unable to send an empty ("") setLabel
setFontName[String] fontnamesetFontName="sansserif"Can set the fonts to the following values, serif, sansserif, monospaced
setFontSize[int] pointsizesetFontSize="11"Can set the font point size, normal bounds range from 6 to 72
setFontStyle[String] stylesetFontStyle="plain"Can set the style of the font to the following values, plain, bold, italic, underline, bolditalic, boldunderline, italicunderline, bolditalicunderline

Widget Colors

setBorderColor[color] start,
[color] end,
[int] curve
setGradient[color] start,
[color] end,
[boolean] vertical,
[int] curve
setGradientCurve[int] typesetGradientCurve="0"
setGradientStartColor[color] endcolorsetGradientStartColor="lightgray"
setGradientEndColor[color] startsetGradientEndColor="white"
setGradientVertical[boolean] flagsetGradientVertical="false"
setForeground[color] foregroundsetForeground="black"
setForegroundHightlight[color] highlightsetForegroundHighlight="white"
setBackground[color] backgroundsetBackground="lightgray"
setBackgroundHighlight[color] highlightsetBackgroundHighlight="gray"

Widget Images

preload[String] imagename,
addImage[String] imagename,
[int] width,
[int] height
setImageContainer[int] width,
[int] height
setImageDisabled[String] imagenamesetImageDisabled="images/img2.gif"
setImageDown[String] imagenamesetImageDown="images/img3.gif"
setImageRollover[String] imagenamesetImageRollover="images/img4.gif"

Widget Shape, Size and Location

addToLocation[int] deltax,
[int] deltay
addToSize[int] deltawidth,
[int] deltaheight
setInsets[int] left,
[int] top,
[int] right,
[int] bottom
setLayout[String] type,
[int] width,
[int] height,
[int] offset
setMinimumSize[int] width,
[int] height
setLocation[int] x,
[int] y
setShape[int] x,
[int] y,
[int] width,
[int] height
setSize[int] width,
[int] height
setHeight[int] heightsetHeight="25"
setWidth[int] widthsetWidth="80"
setX[int] xsetX="10"
setY[int] ysetY="10"
attachToContainer[String] widgetname,
[boolean] left,
[boolean] top,
[boolean] right,
[boolean] bottom
attachToWidget[String] widgetname,
[boolean] left,
[boolean] top,
[boolean] right,
[boolean] bottom
setAlign[String] alignsetAlign="left"
setAnchor[boolean] left,
[boolean] top,
[boolean] right,
[boolean] bottom
setAnchorLeft[boolean] leftsetAnchorLeft="true"
setAnchorTop[boolean] topsetAnchorTop="true"
setAnchorRight[boolean] rightsetAnchotRight="false"
setAnchorBottom[boolean] bottomsetAnchorBottom="false"


setSelected[boolean] flagsetSelected="false"
setValue[int] valuesetValue="0"
setGroup[String] groupnamesetGroup="group01"
setChangeCursor[boolean] flagsetChangeCursor="true"
setSticky[boolean] flagsetSticky="false"
setStuck[boolean] flagsetStuck="false"
setBackgroundSelect[color] selectsetBackgroundSelect="blue"
setForegroundSelect[color] selectsetForegroundSelect="white"

Checkbox Button

setBackgroundThumb[color] thumbsetBackgroundThumb="lightgray"

Radio Button


setThumbBorder[String] bordersetThumbBorder="roundraised"
setThumbWidth[int] widthsetThumbWidth="8"
setVertical[boolean] flagsetVertical="false"


addToDate[int] day,
[int] month,
[int] year
setDate[int] daysetDate="21"
setMonth[int] monthsetMonth="7"
setYear[int] yearsetYear="1999"


setAlphaNumeric[boolean] flagsetAlphaNumeric="false"
setCaret[int] positionsetCaret="0"
setLabelLength[int] lengthsetLabelLength="80"
setNumeric[boolean] flagsetNumeric="false"
setPassword[boolean] flagsetPassword="false"
setReadOnly[boolean] flagsetReadOnly="false"
setSelectionColor[color] selectionsetSelectionColor="blue"


setArrow[int] valuesetArrow="1"
setPopupAlign[String] alignsetPopupAlign="center"
setPopupRollover[boolean] flagsetPopupRollover="false"


setShowHeader[boolean] flagsetShowHeader="false"
setShowResize[boolean] flagsetShowResize="false"
addItem[String] itemnameaddItem="item 1"
removeItem[String] itemnameremoveItem="widgetname1"


setSelf[boolean] flagsetSelf="false"
setTopMost[boolean] flagsetTopMost="true"


setResize[String] resizesetResize="bottomright"


setAllowSort[boolean] flagsetAllowSort="true"


extends Combobox


setAlign[String] alignsetAlign="top"
setControlSize[int] width,
[int] height
setTabSelect[int] indexsetTabSelect="1"


setShowHeader[boolean] flagsetShowHeader="true"
setShowResize[boolean] flagsetShowResize="true"

Vertical Scrollbar

setContainerHeight[int] heightsetContainerHeight="100"
setContainerY[int] ysetContainerY="0"
setDragY[int] ysetDragY="0"
setViewHeight[int] heightsetViewHeight="100"

Horizontal Scrollbar

setContainerWidth[int] widthsetContainerWidth="100"
setContainerX[int] xsetContainerX="0"
setDragX[int] xsetDragX="0"
setViewWidth[int] widthsetViewWidth="100"