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There are a number of ways you can layout controls within the container with Bambookit:
  • The traditional Absolute coordinate system (the x,y,width and height)
  • Auto-Layout System
  • Anchors system (control behavior when resizing widgets)
  • Attachments system (modify size and/or location of 'attached' widgets whenever resized or relocated)

    Absolute coordinate system This is the placement of a widget within another widgets space. Usually four fields define both the geographical position and size of the widget. It would be easier to think about these settings as two groups of two fields. The first pair of fields specifies the horizontal (x) and vertical (y) pixel coordinates of the top left corner of the widget's rectangle. The second pair of fields contains values for the width and height of the widget. Notice that these values are not the bottom-right x and y coordinates, but rather the dimensions of the rectangle.

    Auto-Layout System The autolayout system is used to simplify the addition of multiple controls without the need to specify each items location and size. It is most commonly used in the Listbox control when adding children. There are 3 main types of layouts: iconic view, list view and fill view. See live example of the various types of layouts in action: Autolayout

    Anchors system This is the most useful in windows that resize, or splitters. It dictates how to locate and resize the children widgets when the parent gets resized. An example would be a Message Box with the OK button at the bottom right corner. The buttons would be anchored to the bottom right corner of the message box while the main content would be attached to the center and stretched. See live example of the various types of layouts in action: Anchors

    Attachments system This is the most useful layout when creating prefabricated controls at the XML level like the Collapsible Panel Bars. Whenever the top panel is collapsed all the panels attached below should move up the same displacement as of the resized control ( AttachToWidget ), or the Table control to create a chained link of columns (Listboxes) ( AttachToContainer ).

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