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II. GUI Basics

Chapter 6. Widgets - Using Widgets to Create Interfaces

Drag Widget

Drag Widget. Drag control can be added to any widget to set this area as draggable. Usually it is used for the window header. Four-headed arrow will appear on the mouse rollover as indication that this widget is draggable. Refer to a Window example under Widget Set Demos. You would be able to drag a widget within the main panel boundaries.

XML Element Name



In this example we will be using a Window control.

Line 02 Widget-container, a root widget in which all other widgets reside and in which Window control will be placed.
Line 03 Widget-container that is a Window control.
Lines 05-09 represent a 'Drag' control. It is set within a Widget container that is a Window control. It allows to drag a Window within a root widget.

Drag attributes

Drag is a widget, and all basic widget's attributes apply to a Drag. Basic set of methods that applies to all widgets is described in the Chapter 9 for widgets styles, and Chapter 10 for widgets attributes. For event handling methods please refer to Chapter 12.