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II. GUI Basics

Chapter 6. Widgets - Using Widgets to Create Interfaces


Combobox Widget. Combobox consists of Listbox, and Item widgets

XML Element Name



<Widget setSize="200,100">
<Combobox setShape="5,5,120,25" setLabel="Select Item">
<Listbox setSize="100,60">
<Item setLabel="Item 1"/>
<Item setLabel="Item 2"/>
<Item setLabel="Item 3"/>
Combobox appears with the label set to 'Select item':

The listbox inside the Combobox displays three Items, and the user clicks on the 'Item 3:

'Item 3' selected in the Combobox:

Combobox properties

Basic set of methods that applies to all widgets and is applicable to Combobox/Listbox/Item is described in the Chapter 9 for widgets styles, and Chapter 10 for widgets attributes. For event handling methods please refer to Chapter 12.

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