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II. GUI Basics

Chapter 6. Widgets - Using Widgets to Create Interfaces


Button Widget. Command buttons are perhaps the most interactive user interface element in presentations. They provide a nonambiguous place for users to click to initiate some action. Another possibility for buttons is to place image on with the text or without the text. It is a customizable 'push' button with rich rendering possibilities.

XML Element Name



Button Widget is placed in widget that behave like a container. We have specified the button's label only. The button's size, border, fonts, colors, and highlight take default settings.
<Widget setSize="200,100">
<Button setLabel="Submit"/>

Button's methods

Basic set of methods that applies to all widgets is described in the Chapter 9 for widgets styles, and Chapter 10 for widgets attributes. For event handling methods please refer to Chapter 12.

The specific to the Button is setSticky method

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