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II. GUI Basics

Chapter 9. Widgets Styles


setBorder sets the border of the control. Valid values are: 'none', 'flat', 'squareraisedthin', 'squareloweredthin', 'roundraisedthin', 'roundloweredthin', 'squareraised', 'squarelowered', 'text', 'groove', 'ridge', 'roundraised', 'roundlowered'.

NOTE: If set, this property is inherited by its children.

Method signature

setBorder = "[border value]"
[border value] is one of the following valid values: 'none', 'flat', 'squareraisedthin', 'squareloweredthin', 'roundraisedthin', 'roundloweredthin', 'squareraised', 'squarelowered', 'text', 'groove', 'ridge', 'roundraised', 'roundlowered'.

See also Border Color


In this example we will be using a button widget

.. setBorder="none"
.. setBorder="flat"
.. setBorder="squareraisedthin"
.. setBorder="squareloweredthin"
.. setBorder="roundraisedthin"
.. setBorder="roundloweredthin"
.. setBorder="squareraised"
.. setBorder="squarelowered"
.. setBorder="text"
.. setBorder="groove"
.. setBorder="ridge"
.. setBorder="roundraised"
.. setBorder="roundlowered"

Images for borders are displayed in the rows from the left to the right.

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