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II. GUI Basics

Chapter 10. Widgets Attributes


Method signature

setLabel = "[string]"
[string] any alphanumeric value is valid, except the six characters that require encoding using ASCII Table(see below).

All buttons (including radio, checkbox and item) have a label property. The label appears on the button itself. Fonts settings apply to the button's label. The length of the text you enter into the label property does not affect the width of the button. You must manually adjust the button size to best fit the label text.

Special characters used within the single quotes of the string has to be encoded using ASCII Table.
The encoding is the following:

" - double quotes -> " ' - single quotes -> ' % - percentage sign -> % & - ampersand -> & , - comma -> , + - plus -> +


In this example we will be using a button widget.

.. setLabel="Submit"

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