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II. GUI Basics

Chapter 10. Widgets Attribute

Clear Text

Method signature

'clearLabel' is a method that is used with 'action' event to clear text in the widget, button, edit, or other widgets containing text (have 'setLabel' attribute applied). addActionTarget = "[String] widget name, [Constant] event,[clearLabel] execute method"
[String] is the name of the widget
[Constant] the event to listen on
[clearLabel] the method signature


clearLabel is achieved through 'action' event. An action is a higher level event abstraction. It is triggered by different lower level events.

The button gets the action Event invoked when a mouse released event occurs WHILE the mouse is still within the boundaries of the button control
it is invoked on a key released event WHILE the button still is in focus.

To demostrate the action event we will create a clear an Edit control.

<Widget setShape="0,0,100,80">
<Edit setShape="10,10,80,25" setName="name" addActionTarget="name,action,clearLabel=''"/>
<Button setShape="10,40,80,25" setLabel="Clear" addActionTarget="name,action,clearLabel=''"/>

The Edit widget, 'name', will clear its text (if 'Enter' key is hit)
The Button widget will clear the Edit 'name's text

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