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With a very simple syntax ANY widget can be set to be draggable, and ANY widget can be set to accept a Draggable object.

There are three ways you can set a drag-and-drop, as it is demonstrated above:

1. DRAG_CONTENT, meaning that we copy ONLY the content of the widget from one widget into another. Thus the drop target widget's label will change to the drag source's label. (Other attributes that are copied are, images, font styles, colors, gradients etc..)

2. DRAG_CHILDREN, meaning that the drop target will have a 'copy' of the drag source widget as a child located at the coordinates it is dropped at. The drop target's label and colors do not change. Note: all the children of the drag source is also inherited in this copy that gets created as a child to the drop target widget.

3. DRAG_NOCOPY, meaning that the widget is MOVED and becomes a child of the drop target widget.


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