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Bambookit GUI - Button Features

    Button Styles
  • Gradients for backgrounds
  • Background/Foreground colors
  • Border colors
  • Button Select Background/Foreground colors
  • Highlight colors
  • Multiple Image setable
  • Image Rollover
  • 13 Widget Border types
  • Transparency
  • Fonts
  • Text Alignment
  • Text Formatting

  • Frame support
  • Cacheable views
  • Keyboard support
  • Dynamically scripted from PHP, JSP, ASP, CGI, PERL, ColdFusion to XML.
    Button Attributes
  • Size settings
  • Labels
  • Enabled/Disabled
  • Visible/Invisible
  • Rollover
  • Set Sticky - maintain selected state
  • Set Select
  • Request Focus
  • Focus Traversable
  • Set Name
  • Set Group

  • action
  • mouse pressed/released
  • key pressed/released
  • on load/unload
  • focus gained/lost

  • URL calls
  • Mail to
  • load XML file
  • Multiple actions per button

Bambookit web buttons can contain text and images. You can add to the button a graphic of your choice by providing the URL of the graphic with a setImage attribute or an addImage attribute for a multiple images. Image can be set as small as an icon or as big as a graphic that supports gif or gifs. It can be used as a reset button to clear the contents or set them to the default values in the forms. Bamboo Suite button can be used as a submit or enter button to send information in the form to the server for processing. It can be back or next push button wizard creator.

Bambookit web site buttons are interactive buttons, it changes when the cursor or pointer is position over it. By making a button light up (or otherwise calling attention to itself), you provide a stronger visual signal that the area is clickable then with a static flat graphic.

Bambookit button offers wide range of colors for background and foreground highlights, rollovers, or opaque to set a button's transparency. Background and Foreground colors and highlights can be configured to be set to any 6 digit hexadecimal (RGB) value.

Web Button's border choices are: none, flat, squareraised, squarelowered, roundraised, roundlowered, roundraisedthin, roundloweredthin, squareraisedthin, squareloweredthin, text groove, ridge.

Buttons can contain a text with customize font's size and style, colors, alignment. The Fontname can be configured as Serif, Sansserif, or monospaced. Fontstyle can be configured as Bold, Italic, Plain, Bolditalic, Underline. The point size can be set from 6 tp 120.

Button can be aligned right, left, center, bottomright, bottomleft, topright, topleft.

Button can be set to be sticky to maintain a selected state in the button by clicking on it.

It can be set visible/invisible, enabled/disabled, selected/deselected.

URL's functionality can be added to the button by registering a URL for through the use of action attribute. By associating a hyperlink with a button a web page is opened when the user clicks on the link. The link style and color can be configured. Action attribute will also allow to open xml files with defined XML GUI user interface in any screen in the application or in a frame specified on the web page.

Enabled property set to False is used to disabled a Button.

Opaque is used to set the Button's transparency, if opaque is set to 'false', then the elements behind the Button are visible and Foreground highlight is set automatically to white.

Cacheable views get activated through setCache property. When loading gui's, this option caches the views if set to 'True, including previously entered data in the fields.

It is easy to customise buttons in Bambookit web application including adding links, email (mailto property), create buttons, create menu buttons and much more. You can create Buttons as an add-on to the web site.


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