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Anchors are type of layout to provides a rule-set to manage the mannerof in which the children controls are 'resized' (whenever their parent gets resized). An 'Anchor' is defined by the four attributes that correspond to the four edges of a control; left, top, right and bottom. By anchoring different edges we control HOW the child widget moves/resizes when to its parent control is resized.

Note: anchored widgets do NOT take into consideration its siblings.

Let's say we anchor the right side of 'child widget A'. When its parent gets resized, 'child widget A' gets moved as if attached to the right border of its parent widget. What if both the left and right sides of 'child widget A' is anchored? When its parent gets resized, the 'child widget A' gets 'stretched' as if held fast by both the left and right sides by invisible pins.

Note: 'child widget A' gets resized in absolute terms. meaning it keeps constant the space between the anchored side and its parent border. (Right anchor, 'child widget A' is placed 10 pixels from the right side of its parent border, when the parent widget is stretched, 'child widget A' maitains this 10 pixel width from its parents border). A relative expansion is maintaining a the percentage difference to remain the same when compared the width of the widget. A relative expansion of anchored widgets IS a 'zooming' functionality, we layout controls on a 2D planar surface and do NOT wish to introduce the perception of depth into the layout.


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