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IV. Advanced Features

Chapter 19. Middleware (Business Logic)

The business logic implementation is similar to the way you generate html pages in a 3-tier (2-tier) architecture. You realize how ASP, JSP, PHP or CFM would generate html pages. Well these same tools can generate XML files for Bambookit GUI. Thus the business logic will reside in the middleware servers.

We are currently in the process of adding a 'Script' tag. This tag will contain 'javascript' like syntax to provide more logic processing on the client side. This is still 3 months away from release.
Submitting data from a form
When to use, POST and GET
Calculator Demo
Intro to MySQL using PHP
Email Submit Script Example
Simple Web Form with real-time data submit to the table example (PHP/mySQL, JSP/Oracle)
Server Side Progress Bar Script Example

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