Bambookit GUI Widgets Set

Bambookit GUI Widgets Set represents collections of Bambookit Widgets to build graphical user interface (GUI) using XML script. Widgets Set consist of many widgets, including prebuilt widgets. Prebuilt controls are built by combining existing widgets. More features are available through the use of Bambookit GUI properties.
See Widgets Set Demos

Bambookit Widgets
Bambookit widgets are Widget   Button   Checkbox   Radio   Combobox   Calendar   Menu   Listbox   Splitter   Tabs   Table   Edit  

Prebuilt Widgets
Prebuilt controls are Tree   Collapsible Panel Bar   Windows   Color Picker  

More Features
More functionality is achieved through various Bambookit GUI properties: Layout   Drag-and-Drop   Zooming Box   Gradient Color Fill   Popups   Real Time Data Display  

Explore Bambookit GUI with the live examples and features description with links to the tutorials and XML sources. See for yourself how it is easy to build interactive Internet applications that incorporate desktop functionality into browser windows. See Widgets Set Demos


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