Bambookit Inc. releases Evaluation Version of Bambookit GUI 2.0, a real-time, XML-based user interface.

MONTREAL, Quebec - May 6,2003 - Bambookit Inc. has released a new "try before you buy" version of its proven Bambookit GUI 2.0 to build real-time, XML-based user interfaces. Bambookit GUI allows web developers to create real-time, truly cross-platform feature rich web applications. Bambookit GUI's XML-based interface is a perfect fit to the existing company's infrastructures. Any company wishing to deploy their existing middleware or legacy systems onto the web in the shortest time possible, be completely XML based, and pratically no learning curve, accesible from any device across the net, from mobiles to the desktop will greatly benefit in deploying with Bambookit GUI.

The evaluation version of Bambookit GUI, is a complete product including Bamboo library (bamboo jar file), sample code, test programs, online help, Reference Manual. Web applications written with the evaluation version will run locally, and with a loop back IP address, (This will be needed to test with php, asp or jsp scripts), that developers can test their application and decide whether Bambookit GUI is right for them. Once purchased, the license will allow the developers to deploy Bambookit onto their servers (web sites), and turn the already completed XML , PHP, ASP, JSP, SGI scripts, into a fully licensed product.

Bambookit consists of a 100-kilobyte library of user interface components, thread routines, XML parser and event handling routines. It includes drag-and-drop functionality, real-time data display, scrolling, moving between windows, dynamic table sorting, resizing columns, rollovers, highlights, pop-up menus, customized colors, tree structures, and an intuitive Layout Manager. The user interface elements can run in any Java-enabled browser.

Bambookit Inc. has been setting the XML GUI standard in web-based application development. Bambookit is the only company that can provide a complete and proven XML-based user interface to customers in every industry.