Bambookit GUI 2.0 Real-Time XML-based User Interface

Montreal, Quebec – April 10, 2003, -- Bambookit Inc. today announced the release of Bambookit GUI, Version 2.0, an ultra-light XML-based client to create interactive, real-time front-ends for web applications. Bambookit Inc is a leading provider of XML-based GUI development tools for building applications that incorporate desktop functionality in the browser.

XML is a new player in the GUI technology. It is easy to write, easy to change, and it is perfectly suited to the changing nature of GUI development. Also, because XML is crossover technology, it has a huge potential user-base. GUI is highly visible output, and it is usually tie to a particular technology that it is based on. That is why it is usually very difficult to unbundling the GUI from the product infrastructure.

“Bambookit GUI fits into existing company’s infrastructure. Any middleware product adhering to Bambookit's XML schema can interface to Bambookit’s front-end GUI including JSP, ASP, PHP, CGI, and ColdFusion. XML standards provide for greater interoperability across various architectures (.NET and J2EE). With Bambookit GUI web applications run equally well on all java-enabled operating systems and java-enabled devices,” said Louai Munajim, co-founder and CTO of Bambookit Inc.

Unlike typical browser-based applications that require multiple round-trips between Web server and client PC’s or devices to render screens, Bambookit GUI uses the devices local processing power to execute code within a single screen and without multiple client downloads or weighty proprietary plug-in. By replacing the user interface portions of JSP, ASP or PHP code with XML, Bambookit applications can achieve a desktop-like performance over even thin network connections and speeds. Bambookit GUI works with existing infrastructures and will lower operations costs associated with developing and managing Web-based applications.

Bambookit applications occupy 100Kb of device memory and can run on any java-enabled browser. Bambookit’s XML compliant lightweight library of 100Kb consists of full set of user interface elements (widgets), threads routines, an XML parser and event handling routines.

Bambookit User Interface offers application functionality with a full widget set that includes drag & drop, real-time data display, scrolling, moving between windows, dynamic table sorting with resizable columns, container’s resize, an intuitive Layout Manager, customized colors, rollovers, highlights, popup menus, tree, and more. A consistent desktop-like user interface for all applications is maintained, no matter their underlying architecture. Administrators can run applications from a central server and make adjustments without having to touch every desktop or device. What the end-user receives has the same level of interactivity and flexibility as a downloaded or installed product. The software costs US $699 per seat for communication with a single URL, or $3,499 for eight seats and unlimited URLs.

Founded in March 2001, Bambookit Inc. is based in Montreal, Quebec. The company is privately held and funded. Its core product, Bambookit GUI, offers small, medium to enterprise sized companies a powerful and revolutionary way of delivering real-time interactive web applications. Our commitment is to deliver a flexible GUI solution that can be applied to a wide variety of businesses, Web Services and mobile applications.

For more information contact Bambookit Inc., 157 St.Paul West suite 33, Third Floor, Montreal, Quebec. Tel. 1 (514)8491435, toll free:1 888 228 4KIT, e-mail: