Bambookit IDE

Montreal, Quebec August 8, 2003, -- Bambookit Inc. today announced the date of Bambookit GUI Version 2.5 release, that is due on August 18, 2003.

Until now, hand coding of the XML documents to define the Bambookit user interfaces was a necessity. This is about to change with the release of Bambookit GUI version 2.5 that includes IDE that compiles to an XML format.

Bambookit GUI is known for being easy to use and to provide at the same time powerful functionality and the ability to build complex, visually appealing, and high-performing user interfaces. With those in mind Bambookit have approached its latest endeavor, an IDE, integrated development environment for building rich, xml-based user interfaces.

With IDE by using drag-and-drop functionality web developers would be able to create application views with the controls of their choice, defining their properties and saving them to the servers as xml files. Then those files can be retrieved from the server to be further modified, or they can be opened with the favorite XML editors and altered manually by adding the properties and actions already so familiar to most Bambookit users.

Bambookit IDE is built using our own development tool Bambookit GUI. We have enhanced Bambookit GUI while creating our IDE application. The major enhancement to Bambookit framework was the ability of saving the panel (a state) back to the server in form of XML files. Our first iteration of IDE will have the following controls included: Widget, Button, Edit, Checkbox, and Radio. Other controls will be added in upcoming releases.

As the new Bambookit GUI 2.5 Evaluation will become available at the time of the IDE application release, the XML Source of IDE will not be included in the evaluation. However, a fully functional IDE demo will be present on the Bambookit website with the ability to create application panels and saving their state as an XML file to the server to be later retrieved for further modification by typing in the name of the XML file.

The pricing for Bambookit GUI 2.5 license that includes IDE application will remain the same as for version 2.0.

For more information contact Bambookit Inc., 157 St.Paul West suite 33, Third Floor, Montreal, Quebec. Tel. 1 (514)816-8855, toll free:1 888 228 4KIT, e-mail: