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Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Bambookit IDE includes the ability to create application views by using drag-n-drop functionality and saving their state as an XML file to the server to be later retrieved for further modification.

XML GUI Bambookit's XML-GUI controls are completely scriptable via the XML tags. The XML scripts can be decomposed into smaller sections to create a complete application. So when Bambookit web application loads, it is assembled from many XML subscripts. They are loaded only when required and the average sizes of these scripts are ONLY 5k. The view is created in real time, so as each control is read from the XML script it appears in the view. The view remains disabled until the complete XML script is loaded to prevent accidental data corruption.

Interactivity Bambookit GUI adheres to the principle of feedback through visual cues on any control that can manipulate the user interface environment. All controls that can be acted upon would highlight on a mouse rollover, mouse click and mouse release. If a control is keyboard traversable then it also visually indicate this fact by displaying a focus rect around the control.

Drag-and-Drop Any Bambookit GUI Widget can be set to accept a Draggable object. You can drag and drop items to ANY Widget as a copy or to have that item moved. It listens in on the event of a Drop and launches an action.

Real-Time data display is achieved using polling mechanism. Real-time data display can be set to appear every second, every five seconds and so forth. You can update real-time views at the widget level, no need to refresh the whole page. You can update real-time data in individual components from different panels with a single XML document.

. Any Widget in Bambookit GUI can have scrollbars added. Scroll Table   Listbox   Tree

Dynamic Sorting of a Table and Listbox.

Styles. Cusomizable colors, borders, border color, gradients, alignment, fonts, highlight, and more.

Create your own Widgets on XML level Bambookit GUI real power comes into play when you combine Bambookit widgets to create new prebuilt controls within the XML script: Windows   Tree   Collapsible Panel Bar   Color Picker
Soon we will add to this list a Toolbar.

POST data. A widget's post attribute can be set to 'true', thus enabling it to 'submit' data using POST instead of GET.

'dot crop' Feature Visual cues to an applications behavior leaves subtle signals to its implied robustness, an example: Text in all controls are usually cropped by their contained widgets as they exceed their allotted size, however in Bambookit they are instead replaced with trailing dots which is used as a suitable metaphor for overextended text. That way the view in the Edit, Buttons and other controls will always look professional at all times without ever having to contend with overlapping elements paint over one another.

Full Widgets Set is a collection of Bambookit widgets: Widget   Button   Checkbox   Radio   Combobox   Calendar   Menu   Listbox   Splitter   Tabs   Table   Edit   Tree   Collapsible Panel Bar   Windows   Color Picker   Zooming Box   Popups  

Auto Layout When creating an XML script, there are times you need to throw in elements and have them automatically laid out without specifying exact coordinates.

Resize ANY Bambookit widget can be resized, not only Window or Container. An 'Anchor' is defined by the four attributes that correspond to the four edges of a widget: left, top, right and bottom. By anchoring different edges you control HOW the child widget moves/resizes when its parent widget is resized.

Events. Bambookit events are set on mouse pressed/released, key pressed/released, action, focus gained/focus lost, stuck/unstuck, dragdrop, value set/value clear, selected, forwardspace/backspace, document done. Events allow for URL drilldown, load XML files, mailto, and more.

Frame Support. Each widget can have its own URL frame target. It can be set to a different HTML Frame Target.

Keyboard Support. Most widgets provide keyboard support navigation: 'tab', 'Shift+tab', 'enter', 'del', 'backspace'.

Advanced Tree Widget Its flexibility rivals the best of the breed in its adaptability and speed. It is a natural metaphor for navigation and information access but what really sets it apart is the ability to embed any Bambookit widget into the leaf of a tree. Akin to some of Microsoft's more powerful tree installer controls you would be able to place checkboxes and radio controls in its leaf elements, however this control is much more powerful than simply embedding one single class of controls.