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What is Bambookit GUI?

Bambookit GUI is a toolkit that allows you to create Internet Applications with rich functionality and high performance similar to desktop applications,over any network connection, from any device.

How does Bambookit work?

Bambookit is based on Java applet technology. Java applets are self-contained programs written in Java that can be easily be placed on a web page just like an image. Java is an object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. It should be noted that it is not related to JavaScript, which is a scripting language developed by Netscape Navigator to run within an HTML document in a browser.

Because Java is a full programming language, it can be used to create complete applications. Like, for example, as a java applet, a self-contained mini-executable program. This program, named with .class suffix, can be placed right on the web page.

Java applet can also make use of a library file, a jar file. Bambookit jar file incorporates the result of a 2 year effort of rewriting the java classes from the ground-up to provide a lightweight framework for building real-time, interactive Internet applications that brings desktop functionality into the web browser.

Bambookit GUI is based on Bambookit jar file will load the XML file in which the XML GUI is stored. The XML file possess's the ability to call other XML files and load them on demand. PHP, ASP, or JSP scripts are used to dynamically create these XML scripts used by Bambookit GUI. Bambookit is able to integrate into any middleware infrastructure (.NET, J2EE, Cold Fusion, PHP, etc...), the only requirement is that these scripts generate XML scripts that are understood by Bambookit GUI.

Bambookit GUI is based on Personal Java, which is compatible with java 1.1, java 1.2, java 1.3, and java 1.4.

Anyone, on any java enabled platform, can run Bambookit GUI without requiring any plug-in installation. The Bambookit GUI allows you to create applications that are accessible from browsers, desktops, and via any java enabled device.

What can Bambookit do for me?

Lower your costs in development, deployment and maintenance of your applications.
Development: XML-based environment enables existing web developers to quickly build Bambookit applications. No compilation required, use existing skills and tools.
Deployment: No client-side installations are required. Applications are loaded simply by typing in a URL address. The applications are managed centrally, which allows them to reflect all needed changes from the single entry point without the need to reinstall on every desktop.
Maintenance: Save in bandwidth costs (Up to 90 percent less bandwidth usage). Bambookit adds value to end-users through responsive performance and rich functionality. Bambookit eliminate the "click-wait-refresh" model associated with HTML that requires a new page to travel from the server to the browser upon every user click. This refresh process can take precious seconds, and often minutes and significantly frustrates end user productivity. In addition, this approach also weighs heavy on the network infrastructure, with each page occupying a footprint of kilobytes - most of which is redundant.
Higher end-user productivity that is possible through feature rich, interactive Bambookit applications.

How big is Bambookit?

It currently stands at 120 KB (v2.5) containing various controls, XML parser, an object enabler and its own event, paint queues and Integrated Development Environment.

What browsers are supported?

Netscape 4.06+
IE 4.0+
Any java 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4 enabled browser.

Also see the Support FAQ

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