Bambookit GUI - XML-based Platform

Unlike typical browser-based applications that require multiple round-trips between Web server and client PCs or devices to render screens, Bambookit GUI uses a devices local processing power to execute code within a single screen and without multiple client downloads or weighty proprietary plug-in.

By replacing the user interface portions of JSP, ASP or PHP code with XML, Bambookit applications can achieve a desktop-like performance over even thin network connections and speeds.

Bambookit GUI works with existing infrastructures and will lower operations costs associated with developing and managing Web-based applications.

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XML-based User Interface(UI). Bambookit operates by translating an application's user interface and behavior to an ultra-lightweight stream of XML-based documents. Bambookit uses XML to render the application front-end providing a user interface layer delivered from a single source. Bambookit delivers customizable, dynamic thin client interface with UI being separated from the application logic. The server connectivity occurs only when data gets updated, otherwise sorting tables, traversing trees does not require constant monitoring by the server.

Cross-platform Bambookit applications are tested on browsers Firefox, IE 4.0, IE 5.5, IE 7.0 tested with Personal Java test harness, tested on various OS platforms, Win 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac OS 9, Mac OS 10.1, Mac OS X, Linux Redhat v8.0, tested with various Java VM versions. Java VM from Microsoft version 1.1, from Sun version 1.1.7, 1.2, 1.3.1, 1.3.1_06, 1.4.

Cross-device From PCs, to handheld devices, to any Internet terminal Bambookit based applications will be run equally well on different environments: operating systems, browsers, webpads, mobile phones. There is no need to rewrite the application for every device. For end users, applications look, behave and perform the same, regardless of their access means and connection.
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Interface to Web Services. Bambookit is adapted to the current standards in the marketplace, which makes it XML complaint and ensuring easy integration with the web services (RSS, XML-RPS and SOAP) and middleware scripts (CGI, PHP, ASP and JSP).
Feature rich not constrained by limitations of HTML User Interface. Bambookit interactive controls can precisely match the appearance and behavior of normal desktop applications. Users can move Windows, scroll and sort tables, dynamicly resize containers, or any widget, drag-and-drop widgets, real-time data display etc..
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No downloads, plug-ins or client side installations are required to view Web applications built with Bambookit. Bambookit GUI loads dynamically within standard browsers.

Java-based Bambookit sits in top of java 1.1, currently available on all major Operating Systems, allowing users to create secure and interactive applications in a cross platform environment. Bambookit is based on the Personal Java specification which is equivalent to Java 1.1. Java has already established a strong market presence across multiple platforms All major browsers universally support it. Java is a secure means of enabling the next generation of web applications.

Internet-centric architecture. All Bambookit applications are compatible with the existing Web infrastructure, such as the Web Server, HTTP, and the application server. With Bambookit, users can access applications from anywhere, over any connection speed - without the need for downloading or installation.

Centrally managed. Bambookit allows applications to be centrally managed, with application changes reflected instantly across the enterprise - without requiring desktop support personnel to touch each and every desktop.

Compatible with any middleware Any middleware product adhering to Bambookit's XML client can enable web applications on their website including JSP, ASP or PHP.Bambookit GUI is XML-based, compatible with any existing infrastructure. Bambookit applications based on Open XML standards provide greater interoperability across various architectures already deployed in the marketplace (.Net or J2EE). See Architecture

Compatible with existing developer skills Existing web developers can be productive immediately developing Bambookit user interfaces and deliver results in a fraction of the time of traditional Web.
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Ultra thin client The GUI library is only 95Kb in size, which enables building ultra light web applications.

Speed It is an ultra lightweight package of 95Kb library that contains full widgets set, threads routines, event handling routines, and an XML parser. As measured to AWT, the Bambookit controls take up less system resources, smaller memory footprint and are faster to execute. Ability to subdivide your application into multiple XML based file fragments for quicker downloads and increased component reusability.


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